1 GIRL 13 VOICES (Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Cher and many more)

1 GIRL 13 VOICES (Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Cher and many more)

Август 10, 2018

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1) LADY GAGA — Bad Romance
2) IGGY AZALEA — Black Widow
3) SELENA GOMEZ — Hands To Myself
4) SHAKIRA — Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)
5) AMY LEE (Evanescence) — My Immortal
6) CHER — Believe
7) LANA DEL REY — Video Games
8) JOSS STONE — Right To Be Wrong
9) ARIANA GRANDE — No Tears Left To Cry
10) AALIYAH — Let Me Know
11) NORAH JONES — Don't Know Why
12) SIA — Elastic Heart
13) GWEN STEFANI — Hollaback Girl

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14:37 The Power Of Make Up 2

The Power Of Make Up 2

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9:59 Simon PAIRS UP Two Girls To Make New Duo... Watch What Happens! | The X Factor UK 2018

Simon PAIRS UP Two Girls To Make New Duo... Watch What Happens! | The X Factor UK 2018

#Full Segment | The X Factor Season 15 | Audition Day 2 |
Audition: Aaliyah & Acacia K

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Talent Recap

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8:42 Singers Surprised By Fan's Singing

Singers Surprised By Fan's Singing

Here are some of the best moments of singers getting surprised by fans singing skills. Watch their fans take over the stage of some of the most famous singers worldwide. The crowd goes wild when some talents have been discovered.

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8:46 10 Song Lyrics You’re Probably Getting Wrong

10 Song Lyrics You’re Probably Getting Wrong

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Whether it’s not enunciating on a song or just straight up singing one thing and it sounding like another, misunderstanding lyrics happen ALL the time. So without further ado, here are 10 song lyrics you probably misheard the first time right here on LISTED.

1. Ariana Grande – ‘Hands on Me’ Picture Me, Eating Bacon
2. Selena Gomez – ‘Good for You’ Farting Carrots
3. Taylor Swift – ‘Blank Space’ Starbucks Lovers
4. One Direction – ‘Midnight Memories’ I Don’t Wanna Stop To Get Meatloaf
5. Justin Bieber – ‘Sorry’ ‘’Cause I just need one more shot, half a Guinness ‘
6. Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys – ‘Empire State of Mind’ Concrete Jungle, Wet Dream Tomato

7. Frank Ocean – ‘Thinkin’ About You’ A Potato Flew Around My Room
8. Lorde – ‘Royals’ You Can Call Me Green Bean
9. DJ Khaled – ‘All I Do Is Win’ I Can Never Get It Up
10. Leona Lewis – ‘Bleeding Love’ You Call Me Your Banana

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INSTAGRAM: @patryaguilar__
Ya tengo para vosotr@s... La 2 ª parte del video imitaciones de cantantes, Nuevo!! Aquí la 3° parte : https://youtu.be/l0cmPS_V_UY espero que os guste!! Video inspirado en (Yanina Chiesa 1 girl 15 voices ) ❤ SUSCRIBETE!! ❤.
Audio grabado primero grabado en mi casa con un micrófono baratito ( shure 58 ) y después apañado por: Atika nation :)
Grabación y montaje de audiovisual:
( Atika nation )
Cantantes y canciones:
Ariana Grande — Focus live 2015
Shakira — Suerte
Christina Aguilera — Hurt
Amy Winehouse — You know I´m no good
Britney Spears — Sometimes
Cher — shoop shoop
Mónica Naranjo — Pantera en libertad
Adele — Someone like you
Celine Dion — My heart go on
Mariah Carey — Through the rain
Taylor swift — I know you were trouble
Diva dance — The fifth element ( película el 5º elemento)
Si te ha Gustado subiré una 3° parte... de momento tengo pensado imitar a: Jackson 5, 4 non blondes, y más cantantes españoles. Deja tu petición si quieres para el próximo video!! ❤

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/patysukamusic/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/patysukamusic/

#tucaranomesuenatodavia #tcms
#1girl15voices #imitacionesdevoces
#imitaciondevoces #impressionsofsingers

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14:28 Can Your Brain Work Well In EXTREME Situations? 😯 Survival Riddles And Logic Puzzles!

Can Your Brain Work Well In EXTREME Situations? 😯 Survival Riddles And Logic Puzzles!

Can your brain work well in extreme situations? Test your ability to think fast with these survival riddles and logic puzzles! It's a great way to check your intelligence. These riddles will make you think outside the box ; ) To solve them easily you must be very attentive and have a cold mind! You're welcome to share your thoughts on these cases in the comments :)

00:14 — Dan was stabbed to death in the park! Detective, talk to his family and friends to find the killer!
01:49 — A set of survival riddles for you to test your instincts and improve your survival skills (or just refresh your memory). Even if you have no such experience (I hope you don't!), most of the riddles require just a bit of logical thinking and common sense. Tell me if you coped with all of them or you have better solutions!
04:26 — A tricky letter puzzle to boost your logical thinking and wake your brain up! You really need to stretch your brain a bit and turn on your logic to crack these three puzzles. I failed to solve the second and third one, and when I saw the answers, it was just WOW, IT'S SO OBVIOUS! Tell me, how many of them you've solved!
05:37 — What should you do to not die of frostbite? Test your logic and enlarge your general knowledge with this survival puzzle!
07:08 — Can you solve this math riddle? This puzzle will make you think hard ; ) Get ready to boost your thinking!
08:45 — If you ever puzzle over how long a human can survive on different planets this amazing quiz with answers is just what you need! Take your trip around the solar system (virtually, of course!) to explore the remotest corners and impress your friends later on!
09:55 — This logic puzzle will test your intelligence and general knowledge! A huge tornado appeared on the horizon! What would you do to survive?
11:02 — Enjoy this set of cool puzzles with answers that will turn your world upside down! All of them are ingenious hacks that can save any situation (of course if you know how it works). I knew only the avocado hack and I can't imagine how I lived without the one for champagne😊
13:15 — A brain-boosting puzzle that will test your logic! Guess who won't survive!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle completely blew your mind!

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9:30 SHE FORGETS THE WORDS AND WALKS OFF! | Unforgettable Auditions | The X Factor UK

SHE FORGETS THE WORDS AND WALKS OFF! | Unforgettable Auditions | The X Factor UK

Visit the official site: http://itv.com/xfactor

16 year old Tamera Foster was so nervous performing in front of The X Factor Judges that she forgets the lyrics to Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing.
But can she recover? Take a look back at her Unforgettable Audition.

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4:22 Disney and Pixar Sings This is Me From the Greatest Showman

Disney and Pixar Sings This is Me From the Greatest Showman

This is definitely the most intense song cover (musically) that I have ever done! All the background singers were sung by me, and of course the 24 Disney character impressions as well!

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Background track arranged by: Cole Jenkins https://www.youtube.com/colejenkinsmusic

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10:14 10 Celebs Who Look TOTALLY DIFFERENT Without Makeup

10 Celebs Who Look TOTALLY DIFFERENT Without Makeup

10 Famous people who are unrecognizable without makeup.
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How many times have you read headlines that promise your favorite stars are “just like us?” Only to go to their Instagram and see them sipping champagne on a yacht, or looking totally glam on the red carpet? While they may be putting their best foot forward on social media, some stars truly are completely normal under all that makeup and designer clothes. To prove that, we are showing you ten celebs who look nothing like themselves without makeup. In this video, we are showing you celebrities like Ariana Grande, who posed for British Vogue looking completely different. We will also reveal what Katy Perry, Hailee Steinfeld, Gal Gadot, and Cardi B look like without their signature makeup. And while it may be surprising, they all still look as gorgeous as ever. Once you are finished watching our video, be sure to tell us what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko!

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