5 Differences in Softball and Baseball, Not Just Game Duration

Not only baseball, a small ball game that is in great demand is softball, aka softball. It’s just that, not a few equate this sport with baseball or baseball. In fact, the difference between softball and baseball is quite obvious.

When viewed from a game perspective, softball and baseball apply the same basic techniques, consisting of throwing, catching, hitting, and running techniques. The shape of the field used is also similar.

However, if you pay close attention, the difference between softball and baseball includes other factors, such as the equipment used. So, what are the fundamental differences between these two sports? Check out the explanation below.

1. Duration of the game

The next difference between softball and baseball is the duration of the game. In practice, softball is played in seven innings or innings. Even so, the match can be ended more quickly with certain conditions.

In contrast, the duration of a baseball game is somewhat longer, namely nine innings. The duration of this game can also be extended if the results of the two teams are a draw.

2. Field size

One of the differences between softball and baseball is the size of the field. Square in shape, the softball field is divided into two fair areas and foul areas. The fair area, aka the game area, consists of two parts, namely the in-field and out-field areas.

Not only that, the length of the softball field reaches 16.76 to 18.29 meters. The distance from the runner’s marker (home base) to the pitcher’s position is 13.07 meters.

On the other hand, the distance between the bases on the baseball field is somewhat farther, which is 27.432 meters or 90 feet. While the distance from home base and pitcher plate is 18.45 meters.

3. The weight of the ball

The next factor that influences the difference between softball and baseball is the size and weight of the ball. The diameter of a softball ball is between 30-31 cm and weighs up to 180-200 grams.

Because it is smaller and lighter, a baseball is certainly less in diameter than a softball. In general, a baseball is formed with a diameter of 23.5 cm and a weight of 178 grams.

4. Punch Tool

Apart from the ball, other equipment that is the difference between softball and baseball is the bat. In softball, the bat used is longer than a baseball bat.

Based on the age of the player, a softball bat is 28–34 inches long. Meanwhile, baseball bats are shaped 24-33 inches long according to the age of the players.

5. Game rules

In terms of game rules, the difference between softball and baseball includes the rules for moving players from base. In softball, runners are not allowed to leave the base. Because the distance between bases is too close.

While in baseball, there is a stealing base rule that allows the middle runner to leave the base 3 steps away. Once the ball is thrown from the pitcher, runners can go straight to the next base.

Those are five differences between softball and baseball which include the rules of the game and the equipment used. Even so, both of them include small ball games that are not only healthy but also entertaining.

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