Man Utd star’s family passes tough FIFA test to come licensed football agent

Hellen Telles, the family of Manchester United left- back Alex, is a licensed football agent after passing the new FIFA test.

Campaigners took the first test before this month, with FIFA revealing that only 52 of them passed. And Telles, who runs H13 Sports Management, has revealed she’s one of them in a post on Instagram.

She wrote” Officially a certified FIFA agent! Many will have the real notion of what this means to me. This title is the seal of 9 times of construction and diurnal struggle for recognition.

” I entered the world of football unasked, despite being born into a family that breathes it 24 hours a day. I demanded to protest the door, make myself present, earn merit.

” I need to contradict suspicious aesthetics , dodge discourteous commentary, run down from futile approaches to be seen, but further than that to be admired. And I keep doing that, every day.”

She also opened up about her gests of being a womanish football agent, adding” Being a woman then’s like this I enter meeting apartments out of curiosity but I only stay, and I return, because of my capability and my principles.

” None of that I won. ANYTHING. I earn to be then because I understand this thing called football and I am not hysterical to say that. In fact, I’m veritably proud to be one of the many women in the world with that title. Merit.

” Thank you to those who noway misdoubted and live it daily with me. Who trust my work. They know who they are. And thanks also to you who misdoubt. This is energy. They also know who they are.

” There were 6,586 campaigners, 3,800 tests applied and 1,962 approved, suitable to transfer and represent guests around the world. It’s just beginning”

Hellen’s family Alex Telles, 30, is presently on loan at Sevilla having plodded to cement a place in the Manchester United platoon after his move from Porto. He helped the Spanish club knock out his parent club in the Europa League last week and has one time left on his contract at Old Trafford.

He now has a family member completely good to help him with his coming move after his family crushed the tricky FIFA test to secure her sanctioned license.

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