Youthful Quebec players pull off the unanticipated, win prestigious hockey event undefeated

It was a feat no bone anticipated them to negotiate and it had n’t been done in 34 times.

The Montreal Canadiens Brick Team has won the most prestigious competition for nine- and 10- time-old hockey players in North America, the Brick Invitational Tournament.

And to eclipse it off, they were undefeated.

“ I was crying as soon as that last second went off, we all jumped off the bench, it was an stupendous moment, ” said Giacomo Giobbi, a left defenceman.

But it was n’t an easy lift to the top.

“ People noway really believed in this fiefdom that we could do this, ” said the platoon’s general director, Dave Harroch.

Leading up to the big event in Edmonton, they suffered several losses.

Hard work and gift snappily turned effects around.

“ We figured it out, nothing signified up until we went to Edmonton and went to the Brick, ” said trainer Eric Harroch.

Team captain Liam Tep set a new record for utmost points in a event.

He deprived his hockey idol, Habs forward Cole Caufield, who set the record when he played in the 2010- 2011 season.

“ It’s kind of cool but it was n’t my first thing, ” Tep submissively said.

With the palm comes a lot of gratuities, similar as lots of attention.

“ We ’re like notorious, enough much, ” chortled Jordan Lobe, who plays left sect. “ Indeed when I went to Kelowna to visit my family, someone came up to me and said ‘ hey congrats on your palm ’. It was veritably unanticipated. ”

Goalie Adamo Alessandrini is also enjoying his newfound fame. “ It felt great. I felt like a real NHL player, ” he said.

Meanwhile, Sascha Durdevic was perplexed. When asked if he anticipated people’s responses, he said “ yeah, ” as he smiled and his teammates laughed.

And also there’s the titleholders ’ ring, which is a little too big for them to wear — for now.

“ I keep it in my room, I try not to dirty it at each, ” said defenceman Giacomo Giobbi.

But what players say they will treasure the most is the recollections they made along their trip.

“ Presumably the water slides, ” said assistant captain Tyler Steinberg, who latterly admitted scoring the winning thing in overtime was also a highlight.

“ Presumably lifting the mug and paring off Anthony’s beard, ” said Lobe.

Coach Anthony D’Alessio had promised to shave his beard if they won.

Now their eyes are set on other prizes.

After all, those who play at the Brick are considered the unborn stars of the NHL.

“ I feel more confident because I won the Brick, ” said forward Justin Grégoire, who dreams of playing for the Montreal Canadiens.

So flash back their names.

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